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Karen Townsend, BS, RN

Karen is a registered ER nurse, hip dysplasia advocate, nurse educator and mom of three. Born in Britain, and made in the USA, Karen has called London, Los Angeles, and a small mountain town in the Sierra Nevadas home. A few years ago, she and her husband followed their hearts to the Rocky Mountains, and now raise their three nuggets (and four dogs) in Colorado.


Karen has spent the last fifteen years working in hospitals, on the side of mountains, and for private practices. In 2016, frustrated with the constraints of working within a hospital; she founded Imparted Health + Wellness, a patient-centered nurse consulting practice. With a passion for education and an affinity for translating even the most complicated medical information, she helps clients bridge the gap between science and healing™. Karen holds multiple degrees, including graduate level coursework from Stanford University School of Medicine and continues her clinical education in orthopedics, neurology and integrative medicine.


As a self-proclaimed tomboy and wanderluster, Karen is always up for adventure. She's celebrated the New Year in Prague, skateboarded through the streets of San Francisco, gazed at the Atlantic from the Cliffs Of Mohre, and never met an adventure she didn't like... except for rappelling off of chairlifts! You'll also find her adventuring with her family, strumming her guitar, surfing long breaks when she's not landlocked, and the ski patroller in her believes there are no friends on powder days!



When she's not working with clients or creating new resources with ink and a paintbrush, she spends time teaching nursing students at local colleges and universities about hip dysplasia (a condition her son was born with) and creates free resources for new parents to help decrease time to diagnoses and treatment. Karen believes in people over profit and that healthcare should have heart and donates ten percent of all proceeds to three of her favorite charities: Walk On Water, Mercy Ships International and Every Mother Counts.


Karen gets along well with others and is available for collaboration on the following projects: speaking/teaching engagements, health and wellness resources, e-books, teaching materials, content creation, and illustration. Rates vary based on scope of work, usage and exclusivity, but please reach out to us with all budget levels. We would love to learn more about you, your project and objectives, and figure out ways we can work together within your budget. Connect with us at We look forward to hearing from you!