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Welcome! Below you’ll find the cliffs notes version of Unconventional RN!

From helpful resources to educational courses, philanthropy to speaking engagements, I hope this space will answer your questions, and tell you a little bit more about our mission! Thanks for being here!



before you go any further…

I'm Karen - a nurse educator, rebel with a cause and I specialize in hip dysplasia and self-care education for patients, parents and healthcare professionals.

You’ve probably figured out that: I’m a mama, a total nerd, that I love a checklist, traveling and helping people take back their health.

Unconventional RN started with the idea that we could build a successful health education practice that would have a positive impact on society and the environment. 

While not every patient has a voice, our hope is that through outreach and education, we can help patients find their voice, even if it's just a whisper.



What you should do next no matter what?

What’s your self-care style? Whether it’s our patients, our partners, or our people; we can all be a little guilty of putting ourselves last. The bottom line is, we can’t keep pouring into others if we’re an empty vessel.

This quiz will take you less than two minutes! See where you rank and learn how you can improve.

Unconventional RN Self Care Quiz


Here’s what some students
and clients have to say:


How we give back.

We believe healthcare should have heart and profit should have purpose. So far we’ve educated over 500 nurses on topics like hip dysplasia and self-care. We also donate 10% of all proceeds to our favorite charities. This is how we'’re doing so far:


nurses educated


charities supported


funds donated