Stay Invincible

Dr. Missy Albrecht is a doctor of physical therapy and owner of Invincible in Denver Colorado. Her mission is to expand peoples’ movement mindset, and that includes teaching her patients how organs move and what role they play in performance, pain and disease. The idea originated through working with Emily Schromm on the Body Awareness Project, and snowballed into a resource to help people through their healing journeys: both physical and emotional. Missy sought out Karen to collaborate on her new project: “Organs, Oils & Optimal Health: A guide to visceral healing and optimal organ function.” Combining Missy’s knowledge and expertise in movement, visceral manipulation and essential oil integration, Karen’s extensive anatomy and physiology knowledge and art education, and nutritional insights from Emily; the final product is a book that is not only an incredible resource but one that showcases the beauty of the human body. Check out Dr. Missy’s new e-book available exclusively through her website here.