The Body Awareness Project - Adrenals

The body awareness project - adrenals

The Body Awareness Project

Emily Schromm created the Body Awareness Project to help people stop resisting their bodies and start embracing them so that we can find a beautiful place of empowerment. I was lucky enough to be invited to be on her panel of experts for Part Two: Adrenals.

This course brings forth awareness to some of the deepest, most problematic causes of adrenal and cortisol dysfunction; a condition too many of us face in this day in age. Whether you're a tired shift worker, an entrepreneur or an exhausted mom, this course has something for everyone.

In this session, I talked about adrenal dysfunction in shift workers, got nerdy about adrenal anatomy and circadian rhythm and co-authored an e-book with Emily called "The Night Shifter's Bible" available exclusively with this course. In addition, the course includes a curated box of essentials to help manage adrenal disfunction. Learn more here.