Sometimes You Just Need to Get Away...

kids looking at plane

Well hello there strangers! It's been a while since I've jumped on here but I wanted to check in and let you know about some crazy stuff that's been going on here at Imparted Health. First, let me start by saying that being an entrepreneur is no joke my friends! I am building a company from little more than heart, determination and an insane amount of love and time! Things are progressing in a really organic and exciting way which is what I hoped for but I am overwhelmed most of the time! Throw in there that I am raising two nuggets to become really great humans and I. Am. Exhausted.

One thing I realized after spending countless days and nights building my website and content, feeding children, playing Legos and Calico Critters, engaging in conversations with my husband, making meals, feeding four dogs, reading stories and snuggling at bedtime, was that I was neglecting one very important member of our family: Me. It's hard to feel whole when you constantly give parts of yourself away each and everyday. I needed to rejuvenate my soul and feed the flame that was barely a flicker! So what better thing to do when you are exhausted than plan a little international vacation?  Ha. 

Some of you know that I am actually from England and half of my family lives there. I feel at home there (obviously KAREN!). I feel like I belong. So off to Europe we went. Four suitcases, four backpacks, a load of snacks and water bottles, nine hours and we reached our destination. My favorite part of the flight over has always been descending from the clouds and looking out over the lush green land juxtaposed against the metropolis of London. I could barely contain my excitement when we walked through my Dad's house, into the back garden and surprised my 87 year old Nan. She had no idea she would be meeting her great grand children for the very first time! It was beautiful and worth every single penny!

The last month was filled with fun adventures, incredible memories and some much needed restoration to my soul. Now, obviously this trip took a ton of planning, packing and there were quiet a few stressful moments that I will be sharing about along with tips about traveling with kids and packing hints in future posts. But for now, let me just encourage you NOT to put off traveling with your children! It's a little more challenging but I know these experiences will allow my children to inherit a love for experiencing new places and cultures like their mama, to be grateful for what they have and be more aware of the world around them. 

Anyway, the point of all that, was to just say: "I'm back"! Back in the full swing of business building and entrepreneurship. There are some really cool things coming up in the next few months. I'll be a guest on a radical podcast, creating more resources for a super cool chick I've been working with over the last six months, and launching a new e-course in the fall. Thanks for taking the ride with me! You all are so bloody important to me and I hope I will make you proud!

- K