Free Resource: Medication/Supplement List

Imparted Medication Supplement List

One of the biggest problems we see with our clients and patients in clinics and hospitals is that they don't keep track of what medications and supplements they are actually taking. In a world where supplements are a part of many people's daily lives, not knowing which supplements you are taking (including multivitamins) can cause things like medication reactions, and increased or decreased therapeutic effects. Translation: Medications won't work as well or work too well. Unfortunately this can result in delays of care, medication overdoses and complications with other treatment. Our Medication/Supplement List makes it easy to keep a complete and current list of all the medications and supplements you take, including the dose, time you take it, what you take it for, and how long you've taken it for. We recommend that all our clients keep a copy in your wallet or snap a pic and keep it on their phone. It's one of the best things you can do for your health! Download now!

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